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We offers a variety of dog training options. Group classes from beginners to advance levels, doggy day care training, boot camp training, even trick training class.


Group Training Classes

4 Months Program

Group class dog training is a must for any new dog owner. Our small size classes will deliver outstanding results in all group levels. Upon graduating from K9 Advanced class your dog will be able to showcase a variety of advanced level commands. A graduation trophy will be awarded after passing the final obedience test.

K9 Beginners • Saturday 10:30AM
K9 Intermediate • Saturday 12:00PM
K9 Advanced • Saturday 1:30PM
Trick Class • Schedule varies

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Doggy Day Care Training

2-week program that allows your dog play and learn all day. During those two weeks, your dog will participate in day care program and will be trained one on one several times throughout the day. Trainer will teach your dog to walk on loose leash and practice commands SIT, DOWN, PLACE, FREE, HEEL and even a trick or two.

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Boot Camp

2-week board and train program that allows owners to take advantage of training dog while their away. Your dog will spend two weeks enjoying luxury dog hotel accommodations at night while playing in daycare and training during the day. Trainer will teach your dog to walk on loose leash and practice commands SIT, DOWN, PLACE, FREE, HEEL and even a trick or two.

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Canine Good Citizen Test

Your dog can make you proud by becoming a Canine Good Citizen CGC dog. This program is geared towards training your dog to pass CGC test and receive a certification. Trainer will work on dogs social skills and basic obedience commands.

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Behavior Modification Program

We can address and fix any unwanted dog behavior. From jumping, chewing and barking to dog and people aggression. Our experienced K9 behavior modification trainer will work to achieve desired results so your dog can make you proud.

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K9 Protection

We specialize in protection training and offer PSA(Protection Sports Association) Club to individuals who are interested in working with their dog teaching protection, obedience and agility. Free evaluation class every Saturday at 4PM.

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Nose Work

Fun and rewarding class to both owner and the dog. Dog will learn to detect specific smells by using fun games in the process. Dogs participating in this program will need to have a strong drive for fetching tennis balls or toys.

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Training Experience

checkbox Classes structured by age & skill level

checkbox New puppy training to help new parents

checkbox Training is positive, rewards-based, fun and effective

checkbox Satisfaction Guarenteed!

checkbox Training sessions are with an Accredited Trainer

checkbox Safe Environment

checkbox Special training prepares you and your dog for The American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (AKC CGC) certification

checkbox Flexible training schedule for private training

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Training Tips


Why Obedience Training and Socialization is important for puppies. With puppies, there is a great window of opportunity when they have an exceptional ability to absorb new information and experiences. When dogs encounter new experiences at an older age, they have a tendency to be more fearful.

Socializing puppies through puppy play groups, puppy training classes and exposure to new environments is a crucial step in their development. Exposure to a wide range of sounds (car horns, crowds, thunder, etc.), encounters with people and dogs, and places will instill confidence in a puppy and help to avoid fearful and aggressive behavior down the road.

Leash Pulling

Long walks provide physical and mental stimulus, as your dog is able to explore and sniff out new smells while getting some exercise in there too. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to say who’s walking whom! Dogs pull on the leash for many reasons, as they do not understand not to pull on the leash. Take the lead with a couple of tips to keep everyone walking happily.

Potty Training

The first thing you should know about how to house-train a puppy is the importance of consistency. Teach your puppy to relieve himself in the same location. The more often you take him outside when he has to go, the sooner he’ll learn that he’s always supposed to go outside. Once you become familiar with your puppy’s routine, you’ll start recognizing the signs (circling, sniffing at one spot) that he has to go.


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